The Van Straaten Breeding Academy:
a unique opportunity to look behind the scenes!


The Family Van Straaten offers a unique opportunity to get inspired and learn about their horse breeding business and road to success through the “Van Straaten Breeding Academy – program”.

Why a Breeding Academy?

We notice that there is a demand amongst breeders to gain expertise on how to set up and maintain a successful breeding practice. As experienced breeder of top show jumpers we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experiences from our successes and failures throughout the last decades. Moreover, we are well known for our objectivity and transparent advice since we do not have any ties with or interests in studbooks, countries or specific stallions.


Why should I participate?

The program has been put together for breeders of show jumpers who feel a need to expand their knowledge on what successful breeding entails, want to gain objective advice on their current breeding practice and look for a way to accelerate their breeding success.


Who will facilitate this program?

The program will be facilitated by Fred van Straaten Sr. Fred will passionately share his knowledge based on his many years of experience as professional breeder of top show jumpers. In addition, the third generation of the Van Straaten family will take you along in their practice of utilizing Van Straaten bred horses in the (inter)national show jumping sport.



09:00-12:00 HRS

Welcome and introductions
Our breeding business in practice – a guided tour on our facility with special attention for our breeding vision, our history as a successful breeder of show jumpers, our pedigrees, exterior and interior of the horse, the show jumping sport and our training practice.


13:00-16:00 HRS

Based on the morning program we will do a deep dive on topics like selection methodology, development of own pedigrees, stallion options, and explanations of success factors in breeding. We will use images and film material for clarification purposes.

Opportunity to bring in your own situation or issue you experience in your breeding practice. Each participant will get targeted and objective advice on possible solutions or approaches.
Note: we are flexible in the set up of our program. Please contact us if you (or as a group) have specific needs or prefer a two-day program in which we extend the program with e.g. visits to sport stables or studbooks.

”Our business is much more than just a stud. We train riders from all over the world and trade in sport horses internationally. It’s quite exceptional that we are the third Van Straaten generation that manage to- continously deliver the best breeding results on this scale. My brother and I are convinced that we should use our extensive knowledge and experience to inspire and educate others.”

Josta van Straaten

“The program will be divers, inspiring and will touch upon all facets of a successful horse breeding business.

Besides the more theoretical part of breeding we will have a lot of attention for real life practice. We will observe our horses, their offspring and their jumping qualities and will provide a guided tour to get a better sense on what our business entails.”

Fred Jr. van Straaten

Practical information

€295 per participant including training materials, lunch, coffee/ tea.

Small groups: 2 to 4 participants (also taking into account theactual COVID guidelines).

For registration or questions regarding the program, please contact us.