Belle Amie -S

The foundation of breeding was laid by Van Straaten Sr. in the late 1960s, with the purchase of the Uron mare Isabelle. She has become a valuable foundation mare. Her daughter Belle Amie-S in particular has proven to be an important provider of jumping talent, attitude and hardness. This Le Mexico mare can be found in the damline of several Grand Prix show jumpers and approved stallions. The horses from this line are characterized by their unlimited dedication, prudence and quality. A line with an unprecedented percentage of horses that proves themselves in sport.



Isabelle (v.Uron)


Successful showjumpers from this family include:

– Andretti-S (s.Corland) ISJ Grand Prix with Laura Kraut
– Sir Corland (s.Corland) ISJ Grand Prix with Wout-Jan van der Schans and approved KWPN
– Una Bella-S (s.Calvados) ISJ Grand Prix with Matilde Giorgia Bianchi
– Dittorio-S (s.Vittorio) ISJ Grand Prix with Alaa Mayssara
– Arc de Triomphe (s.Triomphe de Muze) ISJ Grand Prix with Frank Schuttert
– Typhoon S (s.Calvados) ISJ Grand Prix with Max Routledge
– Wladimir-S (s.Numero Uno) ISJ Grand Prix with Dominique Nijhof-Roelofsen
– La Belle-S (s.Nimmerdor) NSJ Grand Prix with Susanne Hayden
– Wurricane (s.Isard du Fraigneau) NSJ Grand Prix with Eugenio Marquez
– Baretta-S (s.Triomphe de Muze) ISJ 1.50m with Tommaso Conti
– Fleur (s.Zadok) ISJ 1.50m with Marina Marionoplis
– J.J. Walker (s.Burggraaf) ISJ 1.50m with Erik Hasbrouck
– Ramino-S (s.Animo) ISJ 1.50m with Ibrahim Bisharat
– Belisha (Siebelle-S, s.Burggraaf) ISJ 1.50m with Tim Riesekamp
– Hurricane (s.Baloubet du Rouet) ISJ 1.50m with Jochen Munsterhuis
– Jamboree TN (s.Vigo d’Arsouilles) approved KWPN and Zangersheide stallion


Mares that are currently used for breeding:

– Anabelle-S elite IBOP-spr sport-spr PROK (s.Quasimodo Z) in foal of Pegase van ’t Ruytershof (2020)
– Lachelle-S PROK (s.Dinken) in foal of United Touch (2x, also by ET, 2020)
– Lichelle-S PROK (s.Global Express) in foal of Aganix du Seigneur (2020)
– Lanabelle II-S PROK (s.Carrera VDL) in foal of Jamboree TN (2020)
– Kabelle-S stb PROK (s.Kentucky van ’t Ruytershof) in foal of Vagabond de la Pomme (2020)
– Leuchelle-S PROK (s.Glenfiddich VDL) in foal of El Barone 111 (2020)
– La Belle II-S PROK (s.I’m Special de Muze) in foal of Cantona TN (2020)
– Lanabelle-S PROK (s.Glasgow van ’t Merelsnest) in foal of Kazan Z (2020)
– Jobelle-S stb PROK (s.Etoulon VDL) in foal of Aganix du Seigneur (2020)
– Ibabella-S ster PROK (s.Mylord Carthago) in foal of El Barone 111 (2020)
– La Bella-S PROK (s.Carrera VDL) in foal of Corico Z (2020)
– Kelleza-S ster PROK (s.Chaman) in foal of Jenson van ’t Meulenhof (2020)
– Kisabelle-S ster d-oc (s.Glenfiddich VDL) in foal of Amadeo van ’t Vossenhof (2020)
– La Vie Est Belle-S PROK (s.Grandorado TN) in foal of Opium JW van de Moerhoeve (2020)
– Jo-Elle-S stb PROK (s.Zandor Z) in foal of Leandro VG (2020)
– Gentle Belle-S ster IBOP-spr PROK (v.Corland) in foal of Eldorado van de Zeshoek (2020)
– Je Suis Belle-S ster PROK (s.Etoulon VDL) in foal of Poker de Mariposa (2020)
– Isabella III-S stb PROK (s.Quasimodo Z) in foal of Jamboree TN (2020)
– Machelle-S (s.Casago) in foal of Poker de Mariposa (ET, 2020)
– Meuvelle-S (s.Kentucky van ’t Ruytershof)
– Jelleza-S ster PROK (s.Chaman)

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